About Devon's Journey

Devon's Journey is a website dedicated to our little Snookums, Devon Rain, the love of Mommy and Daddy's life.

On Thursday, May 22, 2008 at 5:22pm, a special little baby boy entered our world and changed the meaning of the word LOVE for us.  He was healthy at 8lbs, 8oz and lucky for us, Devon loved eating and sleeping.  Our trips to the pediatrician's office proved that Devon was developing perfectly until he turned one.  Our doctor was concerned with Devon's lack of language and inability to follow simple directions.  As parents, we weren't concerned because we knew all children learn at a different pace.  Baby DevonWe did notice that when we tried creating fun games with the intention of learning, Devon would lose complete interest.

At 18 months, Devon started displaying odd behaviors.  During outings Devon would have huge meltdowns that were unexplainable.  He would throw his head back violently when getting attention, yet just weeks earlier he would be more than happy with an audience.  We started to get accustomed to the wild outbursts and tears.

We saw a speech and language pathologist who observed Devon and shared that he may be on the autism spectrum.  We were stunned.  Devon didn't have many of the behaviours that autistic kids are known for.  He would hug, look at us and communicate his needs.  He didn't stare at a ceiling fan for hours, flap his hands incessantly or tiptoe walk.  The speech pathologist explained that every autistic child is different.  There is a wide range from severe to mild autism and Devon could fall somewhere in between.

Two months later, Devon was diagnosed with autism and this time we were not surprised.  Hours and hours of research learning about this fascinating and highly complex disorder made it very clear that Devon was on the spectrum.

Through our weeks of research, we were blessed to find out about the therapy program we are currently using with Devon called The Son-Rise Program® (The Son-Rise Program) through the Autism Treatment Center of America™ (Autism Treatment Center of America).  This program was created by parents over 35 years ago for their severely autistic child, Raun.  Barry and Samahria Kaufman refused to put their child through the demeaning forms of therapy that were available in the early 80s such as electric shock therapy or putting Raun in an institution.  After 3 years of intense therapy with his parents and family friends, Raun fully recovered from this 'incurable' disorder and is now the CEO of the Autism Treatment Center of America.  Raun was not the only child to be cured using this loving, accepting and unique form of therapy.  We have seen many of the success stories, including before and after videos on 'youtube'.   For more information on The Son-Rise Program visit their website.

We have seen gradual yet exciting improvements in Devon since our meeting with the speech pathologist on July 6th, 2010.  Devon would avoid direct eye contact and now will seek it out.  Devon would not respond to us calling his name.  Now, he almost always turns when we call him.  Devon is initiating interaction with others when last year he was content to play on his own for hours on end.  The list goes on.  We want to share our journey towards Devon's recovery of autism with our family, friends and others who may be experiencing similar challenges.

Thank you for reading our story,

Sandy and Derek McIver